My goal is to provide you with the most memorable photographs and experience. The first step of this process is making sure we choose the right service for you. I have simplified this process by breaking down my services into two main categories i.e. Events and Non-events / portraits.


These are your birthdays parties, baby showers, graduations parties, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, social gatherings, functions, funeral, engagement parties, weddings e.t.c.

Under Events, we have four packages i.e. basic, standard, full and weddings. All packages comes with materials. For detailed information about each package, please  click the package below.

Basic | Standard | Full | Weddings

TIP: If you are renting a banquet hall for 300 guest or more, I recommend the full package i.e. about 8 guest per table for a total of 38 tables. Any hall that large will require 2 photographers to cover all perspectives and moments.  For more information and inquiries click here


These are your portrait shoots, family photos, meet and greet engagements, introductions, guest book photos, anniversary photos, post delivery and newborns, awards ceremony, graduation e.t.c.

Portraits & Non-events are provided at an hourly rate with the availability of additional hours. This package comes with materialsFor detailed information about Portraits & Non-events please click here.


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