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Yesterday, myself and Yanju went to the Quality Inn hotel to shoot a church gathering event at one of the hotel’s banquet halls. Before hand, I had visited him in the morning to discuss how how we were going to approach the event, and what structure we were going to have in place.

Event lady

Event Lady

After a few hours of planning and testing, we had an idea of what we were going to do. Although, the entire session went quite well, we unfortunately encountered some problems. The fact is, you can never be prepared for the unexpected.

Event lady

For instance, we had a Nikon SB-600 which operated intermittently under Nikon’s wireless commander mode. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to simultaneously engage the event participants in a cheerful conversation…as they maintain their rigid poses…while you are busy fiddling with a problematic piece of equipment. And at the same time, you are hoping they don’t loose their patience.

Event Couple

Let me put it kindly, if you suffer from high blood pressure, and you want to take up event photography, you will most likely collapse and die with a camera underneath your belly. You think I am kidding? Okay! Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the unexpected if you learn something and make corrections towards the future. I mean…if you are not willing to face problems, how else are you going to gain experience?