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Tomorrow is my Ex’s birthday. This doesn’t mean much to me now except my birthday is two weeks later. I was born on the sixteenth of March while she was born on the fourth. My biggest problem with this whole situation is that it seems I will never be able to forget her birthday. Hell, I don’t even remember my mum’s birthday. I mean…like WTF. What kind of guy remembers his Ex birthday but forgets his mum’s.


A photograph of myself taken by Rama Mari

Trust me, I don’t want to remember my Ex’s birthday either…not after all the pain, but I can’t help it. It’s not funny. Every year, I am thinking about my upcoming birthday, and bam! just like that…her birthday crosses my mind like a crazy naked lady on a scooter running a red light.

Regardless, there is one thing I cannot I deny. She is a proficient artist herself hence the reason she decided to get involved in cinematography. You know what…she doesn’t deserve anymore attention than I have already given her, but since she has crossed my mind once again, we might as well make her the subject of this post.