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I went fishing today. Oh yeah, I went fishing. I shaved and freshened up. I decked myself up in a nice shirt with a fresh pair of jeans and wore a pair of fancy black shoes. I looked okay for a young guy who will definitely grow up to be a shrewd cynical old man, but I ain’t telling anyone that…at least not anyone who doesn’t read blogs. I am sure you’re asking yourself a question. Why the fancy outfit? Man…I’m single. Sure enough, I went to a birthday party. The birthday girl is a family friend. Yeah, I know; we are all family friends down here in Maryland. I am sure you can guess why i bailed to California in the first place. So anyway, she is celebrating her 21st birthday, and I am thinking, “There are going to be some fresh fishes at this party. Right? And, I might as well go catch me some fishes. Right?”

Gone Fishing

Golden Gate bridge from Baker beach

Yeah right! I got there and sure enough, there were plenty of ladies. However, I didn’t step up to any of them. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the courage to do so. I just dreaded the idea of getting tied down as an aspiring artist considering my previous relationships left a bad taste in my mouth with regards to this issue.

I mean…I am going to have to spend all that energy talking her up, going on a date, going on more dates, taking her phone calls, picking her up and spending all this time I don’t have. You know what I mean. Right? I am sure some of you are married. My sympathies to you by the way. Of course, I am just kidding. However, I forward this issue to you. Would you rather be independent and successful as an artist, married with a few projects here and there, or do you believe you can juggle both?