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And it all starts…I  relocated from California to Maryland near Washington D.C two nights ago, and I already feel an overwhelming desire to return. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option for the near future considering California’s unemployment rate is at a all time high.

San Francisco bay from Treasure Island.

As of today, California unemployment rate stand at 11.3 percent compared to Maryland’s unemployment of 6.9 percent. There is no doubt that the job opportunities in Maryland is quite refreshing compared to California. A quick look in the employment listings, and you can spot the difference. However, considering all the faults that California has laced itself with over the last decade, it still remains one of the most desirable destinations in the U.S.A. The scenery is mesmerizing, and it offers plenty of stimulation to any artist who is lacking in inspiration and ideas. The photo above is a prime example of the type of scenery available. I took three photographs with a maximum shutter of 42 secs to complete this HDR photography.